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If you are looking for general instructions to install a manual boost controller (mbc), an overview is located here.

The instructions above are just a general overview, to see what you are in for before you buy.

For specific instructions on installing Dawes Devices MBCs and other products, use the buttons below.

Basic and Hybrid Dawes Devices Boost Controllers

This button will bring you to the installation instructions for the Dawes Devices MKI and MKII Basic or Hybrid Boost Controller.  In other words, everything but a Nissan Patrol or VAG TDI Diesel is covered here:


Hybrid Boost Controller Instructions


Nissan Patrol Dawes Device Boost Controller

Since we don’t have the Diesel Nissan Patrols in the U.S.A., we asked for help from the Patrol Forums.  GEEYOUTOO and Chaz responded with their own installation diagrams.  Both versions are here and will show you EXACTLY how to use the Dawes Valve in a Diesel powered Nissan Patrol:


Nissan Patrol Instructions


VAG TDI Diesel Boost Controller

If you purchased a boost controller for a VAG (Volkswagen Audi Group) TDI Diesel, have a look at this note


VAG TDI Boost Controller Note


Dual Stage Boost Controller

Our Multi-Boost Control System is an affordable and effective two (or more) stage boost control, designed to be used with one or more of our boost controllers.  Go here for your install instructions.


MBCS Instructions


Fuel Cut-Out Raiser

The FCE, or Fuel Cut-Out Eliminator (a.k.a. Cut-Out Raiser) intercepts the signal to the MAP sensor, allowing you to raise the boost without the ECU intervening.  Here are the instructions to install and tune it.


FCE Instructions


Air Fuel Ratio Gauge

Our Air Fuel Ratio Meters are no longer offered for sale.  However, if you were lucky enough to get a Gen I or Gen II A/F meter, here are the instructions.


Dawes Devices A/F Meter Instructions



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