Bounty Program

You write a review after buying our products and we’ll pay you a bounty, no strings attached!

If you’ve purchased one of our products through the following sites:,,

we’ll pay you a reward for writing a kind and honest review, or for putting up a relevant link to our site.

Don’t have that kind of time? We also pay for social links on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and others. Or, you can write a review and place a backlink to our products, for the maximum payout. Only people that have purchased from one of these sites are eligible (we don’t want fake reviews) and there are a couple of guidelines. Look below for guidelines to the program. You have to follow these guidelines, but we’ve tried to make it easy for you to earn some cash.

This is the easiest way to get paid, if you purchased from Amazon. Just log into and leave us an honest and positive review on our product page:

Our Amazon Page

Two lines is enough (but more is OK!) and then send us a link to your review at We’ll also need your email, so we can PayPal you. Remember, you can only do this one if you purchased a Hybrid Boost Controller from Amazon.
These options require that you place a link in your post, to one of our products. The products can be on our site, or Amazon. If you need the Amazon link to our Hybrid Boost Controller, use this one

If you link to one of our products on or, just use the link in the browser window for the product page. Here are the rewards and guidelines for social media posts:

Facebook $5:

Write a short review with the phrase “boost controller” or “best boost controller for a (your vehicle)” and link to one of our products. Let us know who you are on Facebook (we will NOT ever contact you through Facebook) so we can verify the link. Send this info to

Twitter, Instagram, and all other social media sites, $2-$3:

Post your purchase and link to our product for $2. Use the phrase “best boost controller for a (insert your vehicle)” along with a photo and a link, along with one of the following hashtags and get $3.



Let us know where to find you on social by emailing us at, so we can verify it. We will not follow you or otherwise contact you on social media, unless you ask us to.
Did you buy from our site at, but have not had a chance to write a review? Go now, write a review for the product(s) you purchased. If you bought a boost controller AND something else, we’ll pay you $3 for each review.
Most of our customers come from the forums, so PLEASE, do not abuse this one. If you’d like to help us spread the word please make ONE post only, on a vehicle related forum, describing your experiences with our product or customer service. If you know how to link text to a web site, please use the phrase “boost controller for my (insert vehicle)” and link that text to our product. Otherwise, a link to our main site at or will be fine. Let us know where to find it, at
This one pays the most, because it is the hardest to do and you need to have your own website. Also, there are a couple of restrictions. If you’d like to try it, here is what we are looking for.

1.The post must be an honest review or article for a product you purchased from us or Amazon.

2.You must have a web site that deals in something that is vehicle related, if doing a blog post. If your site is about basket weaving or a non vehicle-related topic, then the review must reside on it’s own page within your site, with the page title containing the phrase “boost controller” or “best boost controller”. It could say, “Boost Controller Install on my Patrol” or anything else, but it must contain that phrase.

3.You must use the phrase “boost controller” or “best boost controller for a (insert your vehicle)” and hyperlink the phrase text to the product page on our website.

4.If you are reviewing a Hybrid Boost Controller purchased from Amazon, you must use the phrase “boost controller” or “best boost controller for a (insert your vehicle)” and link the phrase text to

5.Let us know where to find it at Note that we may ask you to make minor corrections to fulfill the requirements (one time only).


1When do I get paid?
We are striving for 48 to 72 hours. Please keep in mind that we need to verify the links, etc., and there may be a lot of people doing this initially. Also, we are in the western hemisphere and a lot of you aren’t. So, please allow us a little time to respond.
2Can I get paid for something I already posted?
Only if it was after 11/11/15. Paying for existing links would bankrupt us. However, please accept our thanks for doing so. It IS appreciated!
3Can I post more than one link?
We will pay a bounty on one social media site post (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), one Forum backlink, and one on-site backlink (ours or Amazon–if you bought there). You can do any combination of the three, but not more than one of each. For now. We may expand that after we see what the response is, but we need to do it this way so we don’t go bankrupt.
4Can I get paid by bitcoin, cheque, cash, etc.?
At this time we are only offering payment through PayPal, to the address you emailed us from. If you live somewhere where PayPal does not operate, we can offer you an equivalent discount on a purchase. If you live in Australia, UK, Canada, or the USA, you should be able to set up a PayPal account (you will get instructions to claim your reward from PayPal, once we initialize the payment).
5How about if I just put up a bunch of links to your products, all over the internet?
Please don’t. We want these to be honest and authentic, for our future customers. Also, just throwing up links on irrelevant pages can have a detrimental effect on your search engine ranking. We don’t want to piss off Google!
6What if my question is not covered here?

The Reason why we are doing this

From 2000 to 2007 we operated on the website. In 2007 our domain came up for renewal and we missed the notice. Some Japanese company scooped up our domain and now uses it for links, refusing to sell it back to us (at a price we can afford). Luckily we still had and have since registered Unfortunately, we lost all of the links that hundreds of customers had set up, showing people where they could find our stuff. A side effect was dropping from the top of the search engines, waaaayyyyy down to the bottom. So, we’ve had to start over, to get the word out. YOUR help is greatly appreciated, especially if you’ve already set up some links for us in the past!If you are interested in seeing what our site looked like in the early days, you can see it on the Internet Archive, click here.

Can You Help Spread the Word?
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