How to Install a Boost Controller (standard turbo, non-VNT)

1. Locate a source of turbo boost pressure for the input side of the MBC (manual boost controller). This can be a port on the turbo outlet or the intake manifold. Connect a hose to this boost source and use a hose clamp or cable tie to hold it in place.

If you are unable to source boost from one of these options, an alternative method is to drill and thread a hole in one of the intercooler pipes and install a pipe thread hose nipple. Hint: The closer you keep the boost source to the boost controller, the less spiking you will experience.
2. Locate the wastegate actuator cannister. This is located on the turbo and has a vacuum hose connection to it. Remove and plug the hose, using a cable tie to secure the plug. Connect the output end of the boost controller to the port which connected to the plugged hose.
There is a rod that extends from the rear of the actuator and connects to the exhaust side of the turbo. This is the lever that controls the actual wastegate.
3. Connect the hose from boost source to the input side of the boost controller and secure with a hose clamp or cable tie..Adjust the boost controller to its lowest setting. Locate the Boost Controller as close as physically possible, to the turbo wastegate actuator, to reduce spiking.
Dawes Devices MBCs are impervious to the heat from the turbo, but use cautions with other boost controllers, as they may be damaged from the heat.
4. Take the vehicle to a parking lot or other location, off-road, where you can exercise full acceleration. A dyno is preferable, if available. Alternate acceleration runs with adjustment of the boost controller, until the desired boost level is achieved.

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